Visit To Readings Museum Of English Rural Life

Visit to MERL Readings Museum Of English Life

Peter Dobson had very kindly arranged for Calleva to visit the newly refurbished museum.
Six members Peter Dobson, Michael Clarke, John Hislop, John Tiranti, Brendan Morgan & myself accompanied by Margaret & Valerie Morgan met around 2pm where we were met by the Curator Ollie Douglas, he gave the group an overall picture of the museum in its refurbished layout & ideas.
The group then were left to our own devises to tour round both the floors. The number of exhibits is enormous ranging from old farm carts through to land drainage pipes, with a few sticks & crooks thrown in for good measure.
After around an hour & half Ollie again joined us & unlocked another area not readily available to the public, this was a long corridor on one side a huge display of items were attached vertically to the wall again ranging from different types of spade to ceremonial staffs & everything in between, the other side was full of shelves containing hundreds of other exhibits.
The afternoon concluded around 4:30 with a very welcome cup of tea.
We must thank Peter for arranging such a very interesting visit & not to forget also Ollie for allowing our visit & also his interest in our club.
Just to add also walking round was another gentleman sorry I didn’t get his name but he showed a keen interest in the club & may visit our workday on Sat.

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