Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy

We are required under the Data Protection Act (GDPA) to inform you of the personal information we collect and retain about you.   These data enable us to run the Club in an efficient manner, to promote our craft and/or to keep you informed of our activities. We do not share this information with any other organization unless they have a legitimate reason to require this.

The information we collect is as follows;

Your name, postal address, e mail address (if applicable) and telephone number (landline and/or mobile).  If you are an active member we record this fact and also for how long you have been a member.

This information, in printed form, is retained securely in the homes of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  It is also held electronically on password protected computers of these officers.  For members this information is retained until 6 months after failure to pay an annual subscription by the due date. For those who have asked only to be kept aware of our activities, information is retained on a computer accessible to the Chairman and is kept until they notify us that they no longer wish us to contact them.

We may also on occasion take photographs of members for publicity purposes eg in our in house magazine and for use on our web site.  Only in exceptional circumstances, and with the written consent of the member, will we identify members other than by their first name.

We normally issue information as bulk e mails and use the Blind Carbon Copy (bcc) procedure to prevent wider dissemination of e mail addresses.  Exceptionally, should we fail to do so we will request all recipients to immediately delete the offending e mail and associated distribution list.

You have the right at any time to request to see the information we retain on you, to correct this, or to remove your consent for its use as above.  You also have the right to complain should you feel we have misused your data. In the first instance please contact the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer and we will attempt to resolve the issue. Failing this, you can contact the Information Commissioner on https://ico.org.uk/concerns

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